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Avalonia’s volunteers are the heart and soul of Avalonia! We estimate that more than 10,000 hours were donated by Avalonia volunteers in 2017. That’s amazing! What is even more amazing is that we need more. We have added over 1,300 acres over the last eight years, but the number of active volunteers has remained steady at about 120. As we grow, our volunteer corps needs to grow, too, so we can fulfill our commitment to keep our trails safe and clear, our boundaries marked, and our documents properly filed and recorded. Our volunteers are literally our “boots on the ground.”

What do you like to do? Do you love the outdoors? Do you like to work with a team or are you a self-starter?

Please join us!

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Volunteer Articles

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Nature’s Hero Volunteer Recognition Awards 2017

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Volunteer Newsletter

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer for Avalonia

  1. A little of your time makes a BIG difference
  2. Connects you to like-minded community members; facilitates making new friends
  3. Share your skills and talents with others
  4. Be a part of something bigger; can bring fun and fulfillment to your life
  5. Provides you with a sense of accomplishment and happiness (There are studies to prove it!)
  6. Giving to others makes you healthier and happier
  7. Can advance your career; learn new skills
  8. Volunteer as a family: giving back to the community can show that volunteering makes a difference, has a positive impact, and fosters a life-long commitment to volunteering.
  9. Open space is vital for a healthy community, both human and animal/plant
  10. If you’ve ever enjoyed our preserves, this is a wonderful way to give back

See Our Open Positions

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