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Avalonia relies on donated funds to fulfill our conservation mission. Although we routinely apply for and are awarded public and private grants toward land acquisition, generous individual and corporate donations are still vitally important; they enable us to meet at least half of our operating expenses.

All but a small percentage of funds are applied directly to the preservation and maintenance of Avalonia’s preserves and to the education of the public about the importance of open space. Likewise, your gift enables you to participate in land conservation and get the satisfaction of knowing that your actions are promoting environmental protection.

All donations to Avalonia, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, in cash or in kind, are tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law.

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What’s the difference between a donation and a pledge?

A donation is a one-time tax-deductible cash gift; a pledge is a promise of a gift or several gifts allotted over time. Pledges let us know how much money we can count on, help us qualify for a conservation bridge loan, and help us get matching grants.

Matching Programs


Do you know you can donate to Avalonia with every purchase you make on Amazon? Join the Amazon Smile program, and 0.5% of every purchase will be donated to Avalonia Land Conservancy. Just navigate to, search for Avalonia, and select us as your charitable organization.

Charter Oak Matching Program

Are you a Charter Oak member? Did you know that they will match your donation to Avalonia up to $500? Make a generous gift between August 20th and November 27th 2019 in increments of $25. First, make your donation to Avalonia and then report it to Charter Oak. Go here for the Charter Oak e-submission forms and help them give some of their $100,000 to Avalonia!

Over age 70 1/2? Have an IRA? Lower your taxable income and and protect land, water and wildlife at the same time. The new tax law still allows qualified charitable distributions, which enable transfers of up to $100,000 from an IRA to a charity each year–even if you no longer itemize. Contact your financial advisor or the institution that holds your IRA as the gift must be made directly from the custodian of your IRS – not you.

Thinking About Donating Your Land?

To learn more about land trusts and land donation in general, a good place to start is here, with WNPR’s 49-minute program titled: This Land (Trust) Was Made for You and Me. The Connecticut Land Conservation Council also produced a helpful, easy-to-read document titled Protecting the Land You Love.

Nevertheless…if you own woodlands, fields, and streams in southeastern Connecticut that you love and want to maintain in their natural state, don’t hesitate to contact Avalonia directly at 860-884-3500 or at to discuss. A qualified ALC director from your town will meet with you to discuss the financial and technical aspects of a land donation. Your tax advisor can also explain the financial advantages of such a transaction.

If you are considering leaving land to Avalonia in your will, don’t delay; let us know right away. Our legal counsel can provide the appropriate wording for your will to ensure that your interests and those of your heirs are protected, and your wishes are respected.

How Avalonia Can Help You Protect Your Investment in the Environment

The land you give to ALC will be protected forever. Avalonia is a nationally accredited land trust with the know-how and resources to back up this commitment.

Our Acquisition Committee will review your offer and assess your land for conservation value. Avalonia is committed to protect the conservation purposes of a donation and has the resources to enforce the restrictions.

You may be able to deduct the value of your gift of land on your Federal Income Tax Return or from your estate. ALC retains 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Land held by ALC is not taxable in the State of Connecticut.

For more information contact ALC at (860) 884-3500 or write to: Avalonia Land Conservancy,
Inc., P.O. Box 49, Old Mystic, CT 06372 or email us at

How You Can Help Avalonia

Your land may contain swamps, marshes, ledges, and other wetland areas of high conservation, but low development value. Such places provide excellent habitats for wildlife and protection for brooks and streams. ALC is very interested in protecting these areas, as well as a variety of upland habitats, including woodlands and meadows.

In addition, a gift of land to Avalonia will increase ALC’s holdings and add to the permanently protected area in your neighborhood. Your gift may be a catalyst that stimulates your neighbors to protect some of their land, thus creating a “greenbelt” or a larger, more sustainable sanctuary for wildlife.

photo above courtesy of Beth Sullivan

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