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Peter B Perry (1936-2021) was born in Ossining, NY, graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1957, and was a member of the US Navy on active duty then as a reservist. His four children were born in Annapolis, MD, but he spent most of his adult life in Gales Ferry, CT (1968-2013) where he worked in the defense contracting industry, helped raise the family, was active in the Boy Scouts, and eventually enjoyed his retirement.

Peter had a life-long interest in the outdoors. He would have liked to have studied forestry in college, but the ROTC program made him an electrical engineer instead. He enjoyed camping with his family and the boy scouts, and contributed significantly to making the JN Webster Scout Reservation (Ashford, CT) the success it is today. With his ex-wife Martha Perry (1935-2020), they raised their children with a strong appreciation for the outdoors and the natural world. In his retirement, Peter visited every one of the National Parks in the mainland US.

Peter was a member of Avalonia as far back as 2004, and helped support numerous acquisitions, including the conservation of Babcock Ridge in North Stonington. He had a vision for long-term stewardship of Avalonia’s preserves and was an early donor to the Avalonia endowment fund in 2016, and supported it generously throughout the years.  Avalonia is deeply grateful for Peter’s life and legacy, which will live on in the forests, wetlands, and shorelines of Avalonia’s preserves.

Avalonia is honored to rename our endowment fund as the Peter B. Perry Fund for the Avalonia Land Conservancy.


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