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Avalonia is required to mark the boundaries of each new property. It takes some time and skill to post the marker on the right tree—not a tree in our neighbor’s back yard. This is an essential duty of a land trust to clearly inform visitors where our property lines end and the neighbors’ begins.

With the planned addition of over 2,000 acres in the next few years, we need a reliable team of qualified people who can post boundary signs to the documented borders of our preserves. You don’t need experience; we will teach you the basics. If you are handy with a GPS tracking device and/or a smartphone, you already have a good start. It’s like solving a puzzle and rewarding to see the job done right. Team members will need to be at least 18 years old, be comfortable off trail in the woods, carry a light pack of tools and materials, and be willing to work with one or two other team members.

If you are willing to become part to the Boundary Marking Team, click HEREVolunteers must be 18 or older and willing to travel to any property within our service area (roughly New London County). Boundary Marking involves rugged field work, bushwhacking and sometimes wet conditions.