General Appeal 2018

Fifty years ago, a very small group of people got together to save just over four acres of land. That small group started something they could have never imagined a half century later. They set us on a path that has led to the conservation of over 100 properties comprising of over four thousand acres in eight towns; and now hundreds of members and dedicated volunteers are contributing to that effort. From four to four thousand acres! Their dream started it all, but it is your vision that keeps our conservancy going.

If you are reading this, we know you get it. As a supporter of Avalonia, you understand the vital role we play in saving the places we need and love – for today and for future generations. 

As you know, land is a valuable resource in southeastern Connecticut. It filters our drinking water, sequesters our carbon, and provides us with places to play and a buffer for our coastline against rising storms. Riverside woodlands and core forests keep the land and water cool even as global temperatures rise. 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors over the years, Avalonia has been able to keep these life-sustaining lands intact and even acquire more. This year alone, Avalonia has added over 730 acres with more in the pipeline. Please consider a gift by year’s end and we humbly ask you to consider as large a gift as possible. Contact us to discuss something more specific for your charitable giving. No gift is too small. Any gift will make a difference.

Here are some steps you can take: 

  • Click HERE to make a donation.
  • Consider signing up for a monthly or quarterly donation or make a multiyear pledge
  • Consider a legacy gift by naming Avalonia as a beneficiary of your estate, IRA distributions, or appreciated assets.
  • Match your gift through an employer or an association.
  • If you shop through, consider signing up for and name Avalonia as the charity you support.
  • Spread the word to family and friends; try the “Create a Fundraiser” button on Facebook as a way to give over the holidays.

That small group who saved four acres? We’re glad they did and we are also grateful to you for your year-end gift. Without you, Avalonia could not protect the land we all enjoy. Please know how much we appreciate your continued help. Thank you.

photo: Beth Sullivan