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Reports Of Possible Ill Raccoons

Reports of Possible Ill Raccoons

January 7, 2020 Hikers and dog walkers: there have been several reports, in and around Stonington, of raccoons that appear ill. One report came from Paffard Woods. The animals have not displayed any aggression and actually seem quite lethargic. Animal control…

Consider A Gift To Avalonia This Year

Consider a Gift to Avalonia this Year

donate now General Appeal 2019 Let’s face it, climate change is happening now. We all have been reading the same headlines over the past few months: The Amazon—the “lungs of the Earth”— is burning. Scientists have been underestimating the pace…

Limited Time! Avalonia Hats For Sale

Limited Time! Avalonia Hats for Sale

Looking for an opportunity to represent your favorite land conservancy? Here's your chance! Avalonia will be selling hats for a limited time only, so place your order by October 20th. October 20th, 2019 deadline. We'll ship your hat to you…

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