General Appeal 2021

Did you get out on the trails this year?  If so, you weren’t alone! During the pandemic, Avalonia has seen a big increase in the number of visitors to our trails, as people looked for ways to connect with something larger than themselves.

Our connection to nature defines and fulfills us. But also?  It heals us.  And that healing is what so many people experienced on Avalonia’s trails this past year.

I’m writing today to ask you to renew your support for Avalonia. As a member and a supporter, you know the value of the natural world.  You know that open space provides food and habitat for wildlife.  You know that conserved land protects drinking water.  You know that every forested acre fights climate change. And you know that being outside is good for you in every way!

Will you support Avalonia with a gift of $100 to preserve Connecticut’s open space for everyone?

There is something about being outside that lets us take a bigger, deeper breath. In wild places that are both powerfully strong, yet delicately fragile, we sense our belonging and our responsibility. We are caretakers, but we are also being taken care of.  

Together, we have made a promise to protect and preserve these open spaces so they are not lost.  Because of your actions today, your children and grandchildren will know the beauty and wonder of being outside.  Will you renew your support of Avalonia with $100?

Your love and commitment to this planet has saved over 4,500 acres in southeastern CT over the past 52 years.  This year, your contributions will help Avalonia preserve not just the natural world, but our connection to it.  

Thank you!

Very best regards,

Terri Eickel

P.S. Please consider renewing your support with a gift of $100 today.Your support helps Avalonia continue to preserve the natural world that we all love so much, forever.

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