2022 Membership Appeal

Because you live in southeastern Connecticut, you know that our region is extraordinarily beautiful.  We are lucky to live in an area that features such diversity of nature – the sparkling shoreline, flowering meadows, abundant forests, and bountiful farms, as well as the pristine waterways of rivers, ponds, and lakes – they all make southeastern Connecticut truly special. 

The priceless beauty of this area is why Avalonia was founded and why we have been conserving and stewarding open space for more than 50 years. With your support, Avalonia has protected more than 4,750 acres, which provide habitat for birds and animals, protect the drinking water of thousands of area residents, and offer opportunities to get outside and explore for people of all ages. 

Will you continue to support Avalonia by joining or renewing your membership?

Avalonia was founded to protect land from over-development, but now the land faces more threats.  Climate change is happening faster than we thought, causing extreme weather and crippling drought.  Toxic chemicals leach into our water supply from pesticides.  And building sprawl continues to devour wildlife habitat, accelerating species extinction.  

In every way, saving land is the answer – Avalonia forests fight climate change, the wetlands protect aquifers, and our preserves provide an extensive greenway for wildlife to thrive. 

In 2023, Avalonia plans to conserve hundreds of acres in New London County, adding new preserves to our portfolio.  In addition, we will hold regular stewardship activities to ensure that our preserves are healthy and cared for. Finally, Avalonia will also continue to host regular events that expand access to the outdoors and introduce more people to nature. 

We are taking this moment to ask for your membership. Your membership contributions ensure that Avalonia can continue to protect the land you love.

To join, visit our website avalonia.org/membership or mail a check to Avalonia Land Conservancy at P.O. Box 49, Old Mystic, CT 06372. We also accept donations via donor advised funds here. We appreciate your support. Thank you.

Very best regards,

Terri Eickel, Director of Development and Programming

P.S.  Please renew your membership today to preserve the open space that makes our region so uniquely beautiful!