2022 Avalonia Fall Appeal

Standing in front of a bright red ribbon, Paulann Sheets grasped the scissors and smiled.  In the early 1980’s, her husband announced that he had purchased 86 acres in North Stonington. “I want to save a forest,” he told her. Now, more than 40 years later, Avalonia has made that dream a reality.  Paulann cut the ribbon in her husband’s memory to protect the Herman E. Sheets Family Forest Preserve on June 26, 2022.  

Moving moments like these are why Avalonia came into being. To save a forest, a marsh, or a watershed, forever. To protect wildlife and preserve drinking water.  To blaze trails and introduce a new generation of kids to the wonders of nature. 

This year, will you make a donation to Avalonia? Please be as generous as you can.  Of course, a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!

The Sheets Family Forest isn’t the only property that Avalonia has recently conserved.  Your support also made it possible to protect the Copps Brook Preserve in Stonington, a spectacular 225-acre property that protects drinking water for Stonington.  Avalonia also saved the Cedar Wood Preserve, our first property in Norwich, which will give area residents young and old alike an opportunity to get outside and explore. 

At Avalonia, we share your concerns about the planet. When forests are cut down to build developments, we worry about where the wildlife will live.  When roads are built in untouched forests, we worry about the impact on watersheds and drinking water. And when droughts, hurricanes, and wildfires devastate communities with greater frequency and intensity, we grow increasingly fearful of the impacts of climate change now and in the future. 

What can we do about this? We can take action now to save open space. Every acre saved provides a home for wildlife, every watershed cleans and protects our streams and reservoirs, and every forest absorbs carbon in the fight against climate change. Whether the Sheets Family Forest or the Copps Brook Preserve, every acre makes a difference.  

And there is so much left to save. 

Avalonia can’t do this without you, though.  Will you join us today and make a gift to save open space?

Your support will go directly to preserving forests, meadows, and wetlands close to home. Please, make your gift today.

Very best regards, 

Terri Eickel

P.S.  Please make a gift today to protect the landscapes, wetlands, and wildlife of southeastern Connecticut, and sustain the communities that depend upon them.