Volunteers in Focus: Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan, an active Avalonia volunteer from Stonington, is the kind of guy who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, his clothes torn, and his sense of direction challenged.  He is always willing to join other volunteers (particularly his wife, Beth, who chairs the Avalonia Stonington Town Committee) and hike into the woods and off the trails to inspect boundaries.  Jim also enjoys the solitude and sense of accomplishment that maintaining the beautiful stone walls lining the roads and trails gives him. He has cleared all along Paffard Woods and Fennerswood and made the Collier Preserve frontage presentable again.  He loves to liberate blueberry bushes and other fruiting trees at Knox Preserve from the burden of invasives.  Jim is a great example of what so many of Avalonia’s volunteers do to preserve the land and make it accessible to our communities.