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Town: Noank (Groton)
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: easy
Length: 0.33 miles of total trails (light blue trail head/markers)
Type: in-and-out loop
Surface: packed earth/dirt
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: 1993
Acres: 6.39
Lat.: 41°20’20.7″
Long.: 71°59’19.1″

Trail Description

 Town’s End in Groton and Mystic is an enjoyable loop trail of 0.33 miles.  It offers scenic views of the Bebee Cove waterfront, so you are sure to see some water fowl such as duck and geese on this majestic hike.  Although easy in difficulty, there is an associated minor elevation change of 30 feet and occasional exposed rocks/roots.  Atop the highest elevation is a large boulder with a small bench that is a perfect site to enjoy the scenery.  It is recommended to grab breakfast or lunch from a local restaurant like the Mystic Market West, which is closest, and enjoy it on this bench.  The trail is short and well-marked, making it a perfect choice for a casual hike.  There is legal off-street parking for Town’s End at the Beebee Pond Park entrance on Rt 215; it is shown on the Avalonia trail map.  It is in close proximity to other trails, including Moore Woodlands and Bebee Pond Park Loop Trail, if you desire further mileage. Pets are permitted (dogs on leash).

Close proximity to Mystic Market West (approximately 0.8 miles northeast on Rt 215) and downtown Mystic (approximately 1.5 miles, recommended drive not walk).

More Info

On the east side of Noank Road (Rte. 215) across from Beebe Pond Park. Approximately 0.3 mile of trails beginning behind the grey gate. Mature, mixed hardwood forest, with a narrow tidal marsh extending 900 feet along the edge of Beebe Cove.


4 total targets to find at Moore Woodlands


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