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Town’s End – Groton / property details / get directions / trail map

Follow the trail through the gate into a mature mixed hardwood forest giving peeks out to a tidal marsh along Beebe Cove.

Total Hike & Seek Targets: 4

Don’t forget to take photos of your finds and share on Instagram with #myavalonia or email to!


An Avalonia Sign at the entrance will suffice if there is no formal sign yet.


Find the large rock that seems to be hiding under a tree trunk! Which was here first: the rock or the tree? How can the tree keep growing?


Can you find the big boulder, that looks like it was just dropped here? Walk around it and notice how there are stripes of different colored rock within it. Feel the different rock types and notice a difference in texture too. It gives a hint that millions of years ago this rock was part of a much larger formation that was created in layers. It broke apart and then tens of thousands of years ago it was dropped here by the glaciers.


Once you reach “Town’s End” you are at the edge of the woods with the marsh all out ahead. Can you find the beautiful bench? Take time to sit and really look. Can you tell if it is high or low tide? Can you see where the marsh grasses line the edge of the land out to the water? A special place.