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Yannatos Preserve – North Stonington / property details / get directions / trail map

This is another preserve with a great deal of human history as well as natural history. Take some time to read the signs describing the usage of the land and the waterways over the last century.

Total Hike & Seek Targets: 5

Yannatos Preserve is temporarily closed to Hike & Seek due to the condition of the granite bridge.

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Look at the old rusted machine parts. Can you imagine how they were used as part of a mill?


When old fields were abandoned, cedar trees were the first to grow in where there was plenty of sunlight.  They can live for many, many years, but over time, other trees shaded them out and they could not survive. Their wood is very hard and the trunks survived and are old, gray, and very lovely to look at.


The large granite slabs were set so you can safely cross the stream. They are sturdy but be careful! See how square and well shaped they are? The big stones were quarried from the earth from somewhere nearby, and brought to this area to use for building during the time of the working mills.


Along the trails leading to the base of the big ridge, there is a lovely old grove of mountain laurel. It is an evergreen, which is easiest to find in the winter. It is Connecticut state flower. If you are visiting in June you may be lucky to see the lovely pale pink blooms.