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Town: North Stonington
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Length: 0.5 miles (unmarked trails)
Type: lasso loop
Surface: packed earth/dirt and grass/meadow
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: 1974
Acres: 14
Lat.: 41°27’22.3″
Long.: 71°49’01.9″

Trail Description

Located in North Stonington, off of Clarks Falls Road, is Yannatos Preserve.  On the north side of Clarks Fall Road is a small opening to a parking lot.  Immediately upon exiting your car, you are introduced to the rich history of the preserve via a sign located at the entrance.  This sight was once the location of a mill that was powered by a dam.  As you start to hike the preserve, it is easy to notice old granite slabs and iron works, gears, and shafts.  In order to get onto the main trail, you must cross Wyassup Brook via stone slabs.  When the brook is flowing strong, you will not be able to do this.  Thus, going during a dry time is recommended.  The trail continues along the water and into woodlands.  The trail is unmarked and can be challenging to appreciate.  Utilize the Explorer App to help navigate the preserve.  Most of the trail follows a lasso loop with various spurs coming off of it.  The spur to the southeast of the preserve leads to a tranquil view of Clarks Falls Pond, where water spills into Wyassup Brook.  The total distance of the unmarked trails is approximately 0.5 miles with minimal elevation changes.  Trail width ranges from as narrow as 1 foot to wide open and is mostly packed earth and dirt.  Occasionally, there are exposed rocks and roots that may make this hike more challenging.  You can expect to see squirrels, chipmunks, various birds and waterfowls on this preserve, in addition to the farm animals on the neighboring properties.  It is pet friendly for dogs on a leash.

More Info

Clarks Falls Road on Green Falls River, 600 feet west of intersection with Denison Hill Road.
  • Yannatos Tract, 13.5 acres (1974) Large parcel north side of road and smaller parcel south of road. Deciduous woodland, river with site of oldmill dam and sluiceway with approximately 0.3 miles of hiking trail.
  • Jones Tract, 0.5 acres (1995) Small tract on south side of the road partially wooded area bordering on Green Falls river and Wyassup Brook.


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