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Town: Ledyard
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: moderate
Length: 2.56 miles of total trails (orange, white, and yellow trail head/markers)
Type: network
Surface: packed earth/dirt
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: various
Acres: 100.09
Lat.: 41°27’15.0″
Long.: 72°02’48.0″

Trail Description – West Track

Avery Preserve encompasses an East Tract and West Tract.  Avery Preserve West Tract has a network of interconnected trails that are well marked with orange, white, and yellow trail markers.  There is plenty of parking in the lot located on the east side of Avery Hill Road (Avery Preserve – East Tract).  Crossing Avery Hill Road leads to the trailhead, starting you on the orange trail.  The orange trail borders the preserve and follows along stonewalls of various ages, creating a truly scenic hike.  Throughout the orange trail are side paths that cross into the central portion of the preserve.  These are marked with either yellow or white trail markers.  These connections allow for diverse routes while exploring all of the natural beauty of the preserve.  The packed earth and dirt trails range from as narrow as 2-3 feet to wide open, with some stream crossings and vernal ponds along the way.  Total trail distance is approximately 2.56 miles with 270 feet of elevation changes.  Combining the hills with the occasional exposed rocks and roots creates a moderately challenging hike.  It is common to see various types of birds and land animals.  Also of note, the Billings Avery Brook is located on the southern portion of the preserve.

More Info

Both sides of Avery Hill Road, 0.75 miles north of Route 214. Parking lot on East tract. Approximately 1 mile of hiking trails.
  • West Tract, 76.59 acres (1970). Open upland woods, Billings-Avery Brook and glacial boulder deposits.
  • East Tract, 22.48 acres (1977). Maple swamp and upland woodlands, giant rhododendron, atlantic white cedar, orchid species.
  • Sheep Wash Tract, 0.49 acres (1995). Historic dry-wall sheep wash, south of Billings-Avery Brook.
  • Town of Ledyard Transfer, 0.53 acres (2014). Addition to the west tract.


5 total targets to find at Avery Preserve (West Track)


A Visit to Avery Preserve (8/3/2015)


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