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Erisman Preserve – North Stonington / property details / get directions / trail map

This preserve is part of a larger greenway and the trail on top of the ridge is shared with Babcock Ridge Preserve. You can walk both on the same excursion, or loop around one at a time. But when you get to the top…you just have to look for the view. (It is easiest in winter.)

Total Hike & Seek Targets: 5

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Where the trail crosses the stream, listen for the music the water makes. Unless it is a truly dry summer, there is always a little trickle that flows over the rocks and the sound changes depending on the amount of water.


Which way will you go? Take a picture of the trail signs at the top of the ridge where you will have to make a decision.


Finding this tree will be tricky and take good eyes. During the summer, the tall larch trees look like evergreens with needles and cones. But come fall, the needles turn a lovely yellow and then fall off. The clue to finding the larch is to look on the ground and find small cones in the leaves and needles. Look up!


At any time of year, you can find evergreen ferns growing on the sloping hillside. This is Christmas fern, green even at Christmas. Look closely at a frond, each little leaflet along the main stem has a “toe” that makes it look like a stocking!