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Babcock Ridge – North Stonington / property details / get directions / trail map

This is one of Avalonia’s newest preserves and is part of a greenway: a series of open spaces that join together to make a larger protected area for wildlife.

Total Hike & Seek Targets: 5

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During most of the year, this nice shallow pond is filled with water, just enough to invite frogs and salamanders to lay eggs and support their young. In the spring it can be noisy with calling frogs. In the winter it is a good place for them to hibernate under the mud and leaves.


This area is just filled with rocks and ledges and outcrops and many openings of various sizes. Like small caves. What kind of animals might like to make their home in these protected caves?


This area and the ridge itself was created in the time of the glaciers. There is slid rock beneath your feet so the trees here don’t have a lot of deep soil for their roots. Look around on the ridge, and among the rocks, and you will find trees growing out of cracks in rocks and right out of the ledge areas. Their roots hold tight and go deep to find water and nutrients so they can survive.


Rocks are not the easiest places to live on. There is a special group of organisms called LICHEN that are part mushroom (Fungus) and part Algae and together they can hold on and survive and make food. Lichens can have many shapes and textures. Look closely on some of the rocks: during wet times, at any time of year, Lichens will feel rubbery. But during the hot dry days of summer, they will be crumbly and crispy and dry. They are not dead, just waiting for water!