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Avery Preserve – Ledyard / property details / get directions / trail map

This is a two part Preserve. The East side is often wet but it is worth exploring during early July when the big evergreen Rhododendrons are in bloom. Across the street on the west side the trails are easier and there is a lot to see.

Total Hike & Seek Targets: 5

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Avery Preserve Sign


This is curious. How on earth do you wash a sheep? And why? Look for a small enclosed area made of stone walls near the brook. Imagine trying to herd your sheep into this area so they can be washed in the stream waters before you cut their wool.

sheep wash


Over the brook and wetland areas, a boy scout did a great job creating bridges that protect the wetlands and keep you from getting wet feet. Can you find the name of the scout or someone who helped sponsor the effort?



The wet woodlands are perfect for hunting mushrooms in the summer and fall. They can be all colors and some funny shapes and are an important part of the life cycle on the forest floor. BUT always remember many can be very poisonous to people so only look, take a picture to remember, and DO NOT TOUCH!



These trees are beautiful and distinguished by their smooth grey bark, which is very different from bark on other trees. Find some of these trees and run your hand on the trunk. People used to carve their initials into the bark because of this smoothness. This is not good for the tree and the scars last a very long time. See if you can find the big beech tree with letters carved into it, and feel the beautiful smooth bark.

Beech tree