Avalonia’s new identity :: Modern but still organic


Evolving the Brand

A child friendly “wildlife” adaptation


Over 50 years, Avalonia has evolved into an organization that does more than just protect open space; we engage in environmental advocacy & education, wildlife & watershed protection, community outreach, public recreation and more. Concurrently, technology and the way people communicate have also evolved, prompting the need for a digital-friendly design and one that can be creatively adapted for different purposes. We think this newest chapter in Avalonia’s remarkable story will help us reach the next generation of members, donors, and volunteers that will continue to support the mission of Avalonia.

Behind the design

  • Inspiration from Avalonia’s preserves and topography of hillsvalleys, watershed areas and the ocean.
  • A,V and O are the “strongest sounding elements” in the word Avalonia.
  • The color is a gradient of green and blue to represent both land and water.

  • The intention of the aqua circle in the design is to reinforce the symmetry between the symbol A to the letter “O to water.
  • It also suggests Avalonia’s ability to connect, move and evolve into something organic and powerful … the ocean wave.

It was critical for the new design to be adaptable, responsive and work on a variety of mediums including web, video, apps and print.

We did our homework

We did an extensive and exhaustive study of other organizations (from land trusts to Fortune 500’s) to understand what works and what doesn’t work. We created multiple designs that were all over the map but we know we have a solution.

We recognize that this modern design is vastly different than the original, but they both share the organic intention that is Avalonia.

Our goals for the new design

  • Simple
  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Responsive – easily scalable
  • Adaptable – digital ready
  • Dynamic – can be animated
  • Conveys local topography
  • Appeals to all ages
  • Modern but still organic

Below are examples of the new design on current and future materials.