Land, water, and wildlife are being protected thanks to you! (Annual Appeal 2017)

As a supporter of Avalonia Land Conservancy, you are the first line of defense – sometimes the ONLY line of defense – for our shorelines, waterways, woodland corridors, and the wildlife that depend on them for survival. Please consider a year end, tax deductible donation to Avalonia today.

Make no mistake – you are needed.

Pollution from storm water runoff spells serious trouble for fish, wildlife, and anyone who enjoys a cool dip on a hot day. Stronger and more frequent storms mean rising pollution in hundreds of streams and wetlands across our region. Riverside woodlands and core forests cool the land and water even as global temperatures rise. Avalonia’s shoreline properties act as the first line of defense against rising sea levels and storm surges, and our forested properties act as filters for our aquifers, but only if these life-sustaining lands remain intact. The mission is urgent. In fact, without you it’s impossible.

Thanks to your generosity over the years, together we have preserved hundreds of acres of shoreline wetlands, protected the area’s aquifers, and saved woodland refuges for people and wildlife alike. We ask you to consider a gift of $100 by year’s end and we humbly ask you to consider as large a gift as possible. Contact us to discuss something more specific for your charitable giving. If $100 doesn’t work for you, please find an amount that does. No gift is too small.

Our donors are valued. You are needed. You are the heart and soul of land conservation in southeastern Connecticut and your sustaining gifts have never been more important.

Please donate to Avalonia today

With our deepest gratitude to you for making a difference,
Chuck Toal
Director of Development and Programs
Avalonia Land Conservancy, Inc.

photo credit: Rick Newton