Volunteer Profile: Kent Fuller

Kent Fuller
Owner of Bluefish, a web design and digital marketing agency in Mystic.
Lives with wife, 2 kids and a pup in Mystic next to Moore Woodlands.


What was your inspiration to volunteer for Avalonia?

I’ve visited Avalonia properties around Mystic since moving here in 2010. After fishing off a rock on Knox Preserve one day in 2014, I thought Iā€™d research Avalonia to learn about them. I found that Avalonia preserved much more land than I realized. I also discovered their website, and concluded they might need an extra hand.

What do you like about donating your skills to Avalonia?

It’s amazing the number of volunteers that play a role (in communications and marketing alone!), and being a part of the collaboration is cool. I like that I’m putting my skills to good use, outside of work, and for the benefit of a very worthy local organization and cause.

How do you fit the time in your busy schedule?

I help when I can and schedule time for Avalonia around work and family. Avalonia is very respectful of my time. Help, whenever I can give it, is very much appreciated by all involved with the organization.

How do you feel after seeing the results of your work?

It’s gratifying knowing that volunteered time goes towards the common goal of preserving land and providing open space for our community to enjoy.

What interactions do you have with other volunteers?

I interact with other volunteers at occasional meetings, but we email a lot!

What are your plans to make Avalonia even better?

I’d like to help increase our outreach through digital marketing. We need to encourage more sharing of photos and videos to highlight the beautiful spaces Avalonia preserves for us.