Stewardship Report

For a land trust the acquisition of new land to preserve and protect is exciting. But once we have acquired the land the hard work of stewardship begins.

All boundaries need to be posted with our name and then walked annually to look for encroachments—in perpetuity. If it is a property where we think there should be trails for the enjoyment of the public, we need to clear them, blaze them, map them and constantly maintain them—in perpetuity. If there are invasive species of plants present we need to try to eliminate them and then keep them off our properties—in perpetuity. If the habitat has been degraded or is no longer healthy, we need to find a way to restore it—in perpetuity. Clearly stewardship is a lot of work! It is not easy and it is not always cheap.

As all stewardship of Avalonia’s properties is performed by volunteers, we always welcome new volunteers as well as other types of support for our stewardship needs. If you are interested in helping, you can email or call the Avalonia office at 860-884-3500.