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Town: North Stonington
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: moderate
Length: 2.1 miles (blue trailhead/markers and unmarked)
Type: network 
Surface: packed earth/dirt and grass/meadow
Year Preserved: 1994
Acres: 76.8
Lat.: 41°28’26.2
Long.: 71°50’52.7″

Trail Description

Located in North Stonington, take a small, unnamed side street off of Grindstone Hill Road (approximately 281 Grindstone Hill Road) to find ample parking space at one of the trailheads at Tefftweald at Birchenturn.  This preserve hosts a network of trails that are independently named but all connected.  This allows for a diverse hiking experience through dense woods, along rock ledges, up rocky knolls, and/or through grass/meadow.  The trails are well marked with blue arrows, signs, and maps to help guide you through your adventure.  A portion of the trail is unmarked (old portion of the trail), creating a sense of adventure even though it is clearly marked on the maps.  Totaling 2.1 miles of trails with elevation changes of 220 feet, this preserve offers a moderately challenging hike with varying trail widths of 2 feet to wide open.  Along the trails are stone walls, old housing structures, an old well/water pump, and a strongly flowing Wyassup Brook that leads to more wetlands.  Along the Wyassup Brook and atop a small knoll sits Poet’s Bench.  It is here that you can sit, listen to the rushing water, and take in the majesty of the preserve.  Feel free to bring a packed lunch or snack, as there is also a large pavilion on the trail that offers a great place to rest.  Just remember – no fires and carry out what you carry in.   It is not uncommon to see white tail deer, squirrels, and birds (including waterfowl).

More Info

280 Grindstone Hill Road. Access through driveway at 282 Grindstone Hill Road on crest of hill approximately 0.8 miles west of Route 49. Park in designated area along lane. No dogs, even on leashes.

Several short loop trails of 1.5 mile main trail. Upland forest with numerous stone walls and rock ledges. Also a meadow (Lilly’s Lea) and open woodlands.


6 total targets to find at Tefftweald at Birchenturn


A Walk in the Woods


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