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Town: Stonington
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: easy
Length: 0.06 miles (unmarked trail)
Type: open area/lot
Surface: packed earth/dirt, stone, board/bog walk
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: 1985
Acres: .5
Lat.: 41°20’34.5″
Long.: 71°54’17.3″

Trail Description

Located on the corner of North Main Street and Palmer Street, this small reserve offers open views of Quanaduck Cove.  Enter through a small, white gate in the stone wall.  This opens up to a lovely, almost garden-like area featuring a small grass and flower meadow with an easy, mowed walking path around the boundary.  Total distance of the walking area is approximately 0.06 miles with no significant elevation change.  Highlights include historic stone walls, mature specimen plantings and a bench overlooking the scenic cove for wildlife watching or relaxing. Dogs are permitted on leash.

More Info

Northwest corner of the intersection of North Main and Palmer Streets. Open meadow area on salt marsh edge of Quanaduck Cove. Water access allowed.


5 total targets to find at Simmons Preserve


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