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Town: Preston
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Length: 2.0 miles of total trails (blue and red trails)
Type: network
Surface: grass/meadow and packed earth/dirt
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: 1989
Acres: 55.7
Lat.: 41°32’07.6″
Long.: 71°58’37.4″

Trail Description

Preston Nature Preserve is located on the south side of Krug Road.  Pulling in through the gate, you are welcomed to a grassy area that has ample parking.  The blue trail portions are mainly grass meadows with occasional packed earth and dirt paths along the wooded areas.  The red trail is packed earth and dirt trails that go through dense forests and offers a small loop at the southern edge of the preserve.  The red and blue trails connect often with each other, making for a diverse hike through various terrains.  Bird boxes and benches are strategically located throughout the preserve, allowing for areas of rest for taking in the beauty of nature.  Stonewalls are interspersed throughout the preserve, adding historical aesthetics.  Note that there is barbwire along the stonewalls; therefore, it is not recommended to get close to them.  Also included on this preserve are wetlands and marshes.  Do not be surprised if portions of the trail are wet at times of heavy rain or snow.  There are board and bog walks that help; have a good pair of boots for these portions during the wet weather.  The trail can be as narrow as 2 feet at times or wide open in the grass meadows.  Total trail distance is approximately 2 miles with elevation changes of 102 feet.  The trails are pet friendly for dogs on a leash.

More Info

South side of Krug Road 0.6 miles west of Jewett City Road.

Two trails featuring varied land features and vegetation, including two hills, a valley, hardwood and cedar forest, brushland, meadows, pastures,  swamps and ponds. Well-established 0.5 mile trail system with bridges.


5 total targets to find at Preston Nature Preserve


High Summer in the Meadow