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(photo courtesy of Rick Newton)

Year Preserved: various
Acres: 321.76
Lat.: 41°26’32.5″
Long.: 72°03’10.8″

Pine Swamp Wildlife Corridor protects one of southeastern Connecticut’s major aquifers and comprises three major tracts with multiple sub-tracts, as follows:

North Tract, 162.81 acres, comprising:

  • Dow Centennial Preserve, 97.17 acres (1997)
  • Slosberg-Andersen Woodlands, 55.98 acres (2003)
  • Town of Ledyard transfers, 4 parcels totaling 7.46 acres (2005)
  • Town of Ledyard transfers, 2 parcels totaling 2.2 acres (2014)

North Tract trails include a two-mile loop trail and a large power line right-of-way. Ponds, extensive swamps and upland woods. Habitats support all types of plants. Flowers are abundant and birdwatching is excellent. Gravel roads and a low shrub habitat are excellent for rabbits. This tract includes the headwaters of Tom Allyn brook and a
glacial moraine.

South Tract, 102.11 acres, comprising

  • Slosberg-Anderson Woodlands, 94.24 acres (2003)
  • Town of Ledyard transfers, 1.31 acres (2005)
  • Town of Ledyard transfer, 6.56 acres (2014)

The South Tract has a long trail along the west side and protects the water supply for western Ledyard.

Harry Leiser Tract, 56 acres , (2003).
A separate loop trail is maintained on this tract.

Within the Pine Swamp Wildlife Corridor, trails can be accessed via eight trailheads:

North Tract

  • 113 Whalehead Road – parking between Stone Court and Avery Hill Road Ext
  • 201 Whalehead Road – Trailhead at end of Merry Lane
  • 21 Friar Tuck Drive & 17 Queen Eleanor Drive – Park under power lines
  • 40/41 Robin Hood Drive – Park by open lot
  • Narrow strip between 13 and 15 Melanie Lane off cul-de-sac.

South Tract:

  • 40/41 Robin Hood Drive
  • 19 East Drive- Trailhead at end of Hillside Drive.

Harry Leiser Tract:
114 Vinegar Hill Road.

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