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Town: Ledyard
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Harry Leiser Tract (dark blue trail markers/heads): lollipop loop (straight in with loop to the north of the trail), 0.60 miles round trip
Slosberg-Anderson Woodlands (red trail markers/heads): one-way trail, 0.67 miles one-way (1.34 round trip)
Blue Dot Loop: loop totaling approximately 1.65 miles
Type: network of multiple trails, including a loop
Surface: grass/meadow and packed earth/dirt
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: various
Acres: 321.76
Lat.: 41°26’32.5″
Long.: 72°03’10.8″

Trail Description

*Please Note: You may encounter Eversource work being done on their ROW in the Pine Swamp Wildlife Corridor from now until the end of 2023.*

A complex of multiple trails, the Pine Swamp Wildlife Corridor offers a diverse combination of hiking trails.  The Harry Leister Tract is a short, lollipop loop (straight trail with a loop located on the northern tip) totaling approximately 0.60 miles.  Parking is a challenge but one can park on the side of Vinegar Hill Road.  Starting in a small neighborhood, the trail quickly turns into a dense forest with pine, oak, birch, and other deciduous tree.  With an elevation change of only 85 feet, this is an easy, quick hike; or, one can go at a slow pace and immerse themselves amongst the birds and ground animals.  The Slosberg-Anderson Woodlands offers a one-way trail that is approximately 0.67 miles one-way (1.34 round trip).  Marked with a red trail marker and with ample parking, this trail offers a challenge with its exposed roots and rocks and low trees.  Also included are some short steep hills.  The trail does cross over Robin Hood Drive and connects to the Blue Dot Loop.  The Blue Dot Loop is a large, approximately 1.65 mile loop that has terrain changes between narrow woodlands, shallow brooks, boulder glacial features, and crushed rocks under power lines.  There are multiple parking locations spread throughout the Blue Dot Loop.  It’s not uncommon to see birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and deer on the Blue Dot Loop.

More Info

Pine Swamp Wildlife Corridor protects one of southeastern Connecticut’s major aquifers and comprises three major tracts with multiple sub-tracts, as follows:

North Tract, 162.81 acres, comprising:

  • Dow Centennial Preserve, 97.17 acres (1997)
  • Slosberg-Andersen Woodlands, 55.98 acres (2003)
  • Town of Ledyard transfers, 4 parcels totaling 7.46 acres (2005)
  • Town of Ledyard transfers, 2 parcels totaling 2.2 acres (2014)

North Tract trails include a two-mile loop trail and a large power line right-of-way. Ponds, extensive swamps and upland woods. Habitats support all types of plants. Flowers are abundant and birdwatching is excellent. Gravel roads and a low shrub habitat are excellent for rabbits. This tract includes the headwaters of Tom Allyn brook and a
glacial moraine.

South Tract, 102.11 acres, comprising

  • Slosberg-Anderson Woodlands, 94.24 acres (2003)
  • Town of Ledyard transfers, 1.31 acres (2005)
  • Town of Ledyard transfer, 6.56 acres (2014)

The South Tract has a long trail along the west side and protects the water supply for western Ledyard.

Harry Leiser Tract, 56 acres , (2003).
A separate loop trail is maintained on this tract.

Within the Pine Swamp Wildlife Corridor, trails can be accessed via eight trailheads:

North Tract

  • 113 Whalehead Road – parking between Stone Court and Avery Hill Road Ext
  • 201 Whalehead Road – Trailhead at end of Merry Lane
  • 21 Friar Tuck Drive & 17 Queen Eleanor Drive – Park under power lines
  • 40/41 Robin Hood Drive – Park by open lot
  • Narrow strip between 13 and 15 Melanie Lane off cul-de-sac.

South Tract:

  • 40/41 Robin Hood Drive
  • 19 East Drive- Trailhead at end of Hillside Drive.

Harry Leiser Tract:
114 Vinegar Hill Road.


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