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Year Preserved: 2009
Acres: 3.3
Lat.: 41°20’44.2″ Long.: 71°59’05.6″ (location of Shunock River Preserve complex) Parke Memorial is at 16 Babcock Road, approximately 0.6 miles east of Wyassup Road.

This preserve is part of the larger Green-way in North Stonington, maybe more accurately called a Blue-way as it protects the Shunock River valley. This area is noted for its many mill sites along several rivers as they make their way to the bigger rivers flowing to the south. The hilly terrain allows good flow and strength to power the mills however in many cases, dams were created to channel the water and create a stronger outflow. The pond is home to great wildlife in all seasons, and history buffs will enjoy the old machines and signage about the area.


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