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Town: North Stonington / Preston
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: moderate
Length: 2.6 miles (blue, red, yellow trailhead/markers and unmarked) for northern portion of preserve; 0.98 miles Greenwood Tract of Mitchell Preserve (yellow trailhead/markers lasso loop)
Type: network; including lasso loop (Greenwood Tract of Mitchell Preserve)
Surface: packed earth/dirt and grass/meadow
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: 1989
Acres: 244.68
Lat.: 41°30’44.8″
Long.: 71°57’19.7″

Trail Description

Located in North Stonington and off Northwest Corner Road is Mitchell Preserve & Reed Woodlands.  Parking is on the side of Northwest Corner Road (look for mailbox #368 as a landmark).  The trailhead is located to the right of a private drive and enters into an open grass meadow.  Head left and follow the outer perimeter of the grass meadow, as the blue arrows direct you to the trail opening.  The blue trail continues into dense forest and over Main Brook via a board and bog walk.  Do not let the name Main Brook fool you, it can be a vibrant river following rain or snow.  The blue trail continues into a small lasso loop up a small hill, offering a scenic overlook of the preserve.  Branching off the blue trail is a red trail that tracks alongside Main Brook and offers some terrain changes via hills.  There are occasional exposed rocks and roots, making the hike moderately challenging.  The red trail crosses over Main Brook via stones and meets with the yellow marked trail.  Narrow at times, the trail zig zags often amongst the diverse terrain.  The total trail distance is 2.6 miles with 102 feet of elevation change.  It is pet friendly for dogs on a leash.  

Do not miss the fun lasso loop trail on the southern portion of the preserve, called the Greenwood Tract of Mitchell Preserve.  This does require re-locating to a different parking area, located on the north side of Lake of Isles Road.  This yellow lasso loop trail is extremely well-marked.  Towards the start of the trail is a fallen tree, cross over and head to the left up a small hill.  At the northern end of the loop is a creek and wetlands, offering opportunities to see various animals.  The trail width ranges from 2-3 feet to wide open and is packed earth and dirt.  Total distance of this trailed portion of the preserve is approximately 0.98 miles with 118 feet of elevation change.    It is pet friendly for dogs on a leash. 

More Info

Six contiguous properties extending between Preston and North Stonington. Approximately 2.5 miles of hiking trails.
  • Eleanor & Flood Reed Memorial Woodlands, 111.08 acres (1989) Hardwood forest with rugged topography; cedar- topped rock outcrops and promontories; old pond and meandering stream (Main Brook).
  • Gibson / McKain Songbird Preserve, 9.22 acres (2008) Wetland songbird habitat.
  • Jean & Hobart Mitchell Preserve, 74.97 acres (2000) Second growth hardwood forest with rocky knolls, intermittent streams, and portion of Main Brook
  • Green Falls Five Tract , 24.22 acres (2009) Wetland songbird habitat.
  • Greenwood Tract, 4.98 acres (2001) wooded upland.
  • Main Brook Preserve 20.21 acres (2005) Wetland and steep slopes on some lots east of preserve.

Two trailheads / access points:

  • Near 371 Northwest Corner Road (right side) in North Stonington
  • Lake of Isles Road


5 total targets to find at Mitchell Preserve & Reed Woodlands


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