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Town: North Stonington / Preston
Year Preserved:
Acres: 244.68
Lat.: 41°30’44.8″
Long.: 71°57’19.7″

Six contiguous properties extending between Preston and North Stonington. Approximately 2.5 miles of hiking trails.
  • Eleanor & Flood Reed Memorial Woodlands, 111.08 acres (1989) Hardwood forest with rugged topography; cedar- topped rock outcrops and promontories; old pond and meandering stream (Main Brook).
  • Gibson / McKain Songbird Preserve, 9.22 acres (2008) Wetland songbird habitat.
  • Jean & Hobart Mitchell Preserve, 74.97 acres (2000) Second growth hardwood forest with rocky knolls, intermittent streams, and portion of Main Brook
  • Green Falls Five Tract , 24.22 acres (2009) Wetland songbird habitat.
  • Greenwood Tract, 4.98 acres (2001) wooded upland.
  • Main Brook Preserve 20.21 acres (2005) Wetland and steep slopes on some lots east of preserve.

Two trailheads / access points:

  • Near 371 Northwest Corner Road (right side) in North Stonington
  • Lake of Isles Road

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