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Town: North Stonington / Preston
Year Preserved:
Acres: 244.68
Lat.: 41°30’44.8″
Long.: 71°57’19.7″

June 1, 2020: Due to a sighting of a protective coyote and a potential den, the Mitchell Reed Preserve has been closed to visitors for the next few weeks until the coyote and her pups have left this area.

Six contiguous properties extending between Preston and North Stonington. Approximately 2.5 miles of hiking trails.
  • Eleanor & Flood Reed Memorial Woodlands, 111.08 acres (1989) Hardwood forest with rugged topography; cedar- topped rock outcrops and promontories; old pond and meandering stream (Main Brook).
  • Gibson / McKain Songbird Preserve, 9.22 acres (2008) Wetland songbird habitat.
  • Jean & Hobart Mitchell Preserve, 74.97 acres (2000) Second growth hardwood forest with rocky knolls, intermittent streams, and portion of Main Brook
  • Green Falls Five Tract , 24.22 acres (2009) Wetland songbird habitat.
  • Greenwood Tract, 4.98 acres (2001) wooded upland.
  • Main Brook Preserve 20.21 acres (2005) Wetland and steep slopes on some lots east of preserve.

Two trailheads / access points:

  • Near 371 Northwest Corner Road (right side) in North Stonington
  • Lake of Isles Road

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Message Regarding Coronavirus

Our trails remain open to the public, but we request that you avoid any gathering beyond immediate family and carefully observe social-distancing protocol. All public events are cancelled until further notice, and our office is closed.

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