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Town: Stonington
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Length: 4.25 miles
Type: network including interconnected trails
Surface: packed earth/dirt, and wood chips
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: 1976
Acres: 198.62
Lat.: 41°25’22.7″
Long.: 71°55’55.2″

Trail Description

Hoffman Evergreen Preserve has ample parking access is located on both sides of N Stonington Road.  There is a single point of access to a matrix of trails that are all interconnected.  These trails are marked with red, burnt orange, blue, and yellow trail heads.  Total distance of all trails is approximately 4.25 miles with a 341 ft elevation gain.  The diverse routes of the trails are marked throughout with various maps.  It is important to note that the maps are a little outdated and do not include the burnt orange trail.  This can be viewed on the Explorer App.  All of the trails are well marked but it is possible to get disoriented on the loop part of the blue trail at the northwest point of the preserve.  All of the trails were packed earth and dirt with occasional pine needle debris.  The trails offer beautiful scenery of evergreen and hardwood forests.  A restoration project is underway to regenerate new growth and young forest patches where the old forest was dying due to disease drought, storm and insect damage.  Expect to see brush piles of cut tree limbs created for wildlife, in addition to areas of dense vegetation of re-growing habitat.   The area is crisscrossed by old stone walls, a colonial highway and stone structures of questionable age.  The preserve is located in the northern part of Stonington, a stone’s throw from Ledyard and North Stonington.  It is pet friendly for dogs on a leash and is a strong choice for bird watching and enjoying the sound of nature.  It was not uncommon to see ground animals such as chipmunks, and squirrels.  Deer, bobcats and bear have also been observed.  The width of the trails averaged as narrow as one to two feet to wide open.  Given the size of this trail complex, you can expect to be isolated but will likely see a few other fellow hikers.

More Info

Route 201, approximately 2 miles north of CT Rte 184 just before North Stonington line. Roadside parking at signed trailhead. Mixed evergreen and hardwood forest. Some wetlands. Extensive trail network.
  • Hoffman Tract – 142.12 acres – 1976: Hemlock, pine, tamarack, and spruce plantation among deciduous woodland species.
  • Stimpson Settlement – 3.12 acres – 1997: Seventy-five foot wide strip along northern side of Hoffman Tract.
  • Allied Tract – 53.5 acres – 2013.


5 total targets to find at Hoffman Evergreen Preserve


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