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Town: Stonington
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: easy
Length: 0.77 miles of total trails (red trail head/markers)
Type: one-way, bi-directional
Surface: grass/meadow and packed earth/dirt
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: 1984
Acres: 93.14
Lat.: 41°22’16.8″
Long.: 71°54’14.7″

Trail Description – West Tract

With ample parking on both sides of N Main Street, Fennerswood West Tract is a pleasant hike that crosses over stonewalls and along a stream that can be small or flooded depending on the season.  Total trail distance is approximately 0.77 miles, with an elevation gain of 80 feet.  It is designed as a one-way continuous trail.  It is recommended to start the hike going straight in from the trailhead.  This will take you into the woodlands.  A small, marked detour helps avoid muddy areas in the wet seasons.  The path continues and runs to a lovely stream.  Eventually, you will cross a stone wall to continue onto a straight spur that ends in a mini-loop around a glacial erratic overlooking the brook.  Continue back along the spur and take the trail along the stone wall and through the grass meadow, to end the hike back at the trail head.  Look for red trail markers and reference the Explorer app, as needed.  It is designated pet friendly for dogs on a leash.  Fennerswood West Tract offers exploration of woodlands and stonewalls and the ability to see various birds and land animals.

More Info

Five Tracts located both sides of North Main Street just south of junction with Pequot Trail. Also access from end of Heritage Drive cul-de-sac.
  • West Tract – 26 acres – 1984: Woodlands and four small fields maintained as open meadow. Trailhead on the west side of North Main Street. Runs along Stony Brook.
  • East Tract – 17 acres – 1986: Young maple forest, some wet areas, and portion of mowed hayfield.
  • Daukas Tract – 8.33 acres – 1995: Red maple swamp and wetlands.
  • Southeast Open Space – 36.51 acres – 1996: Red maple swamp and deciduous woodlands
  • O’Neill Tract – 5.3 acres – 1999: Marsh with some lightly wooded area and marsh.


5 total targets to find at Fennerswood Preserve


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