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Town: North Stonington
Maintained Uses: walking, hiking
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Length: 1.25 miles (in and out, with small loop in middle)
Type: one-way with small narrow loop in the middle
Surface: grass/meadow, packed earth/dirt, and boardwalk/bog bridging
Pets: permitted (dogs on leash)
Year Preserved: 1994
Acres: 113.12
Lat.: 41°26’25.4″
Long.: 71°52’02.1″

Trail Description

Located in North Stonington and just south of the Babcock Ridge and Erisman Woodland Preserves lies a hidden gem of a trail.  The Donald R. Henne Memorial Shunock River Preserves offers approximately 1.25 total miles of trails and 150 feet of elevation gain, in an in and out fashion with a small thin loop in the middle.   There are multiple parking areas throughout the trail, each with their own access point.  Although this trail is not well marked (look for light blue trailheads), it offers an opportunity to practice basic navigation skills along marshy wetlands and a flowing river.  The sounds of birds chirping and fish splashing are sure to excite.  One should expect trails to be as narrow as 1 feet at times and as wide as 15 feet at others, although easy in difficulty.  Throughout the trail are boardwalks that elevate above the wetlands.  For the most part, the trails are packed earth/dirt.  The Donald R. Henne Memorial Shunock River Preserve trail is not utilized enough with regards to its level of scenic beauty.

More Info

Linked to Erisman Woodlands via Babcock Ridge, the Donald Henne Memorial Tract of the Shunock River Preserve together forms approximately 220 acres.

Donald R. Henne Memorial Preserve: 100.2 acres, (2008) 100 Babcock Road, east of Wyassup Road.

  • Stillman Tract : 1.6 acres (1994) Access between 48 and 60 Babcock Road.
  • Milltown Meadows Tract: 8.02 acres, (1995) Access from Don Henne Memorial Tract or from between 11 & 14 Surrey Lane.
  • Parke Memorial Preserve: 3.3 acres (2009) 16 Babcock Road, approximately 0.6 miles east of Wyassup Road. Historical mill site and pond with dam.

Main trail extends approximately 1.5 miles from Babcock Road at the north end of the property to the south end at Surrey Lane. Small unmarked side trails.


6 total targets to find at D.R. Henne Memorial & Shunock Brook Preserves


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