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The 2023 Avalonia Photo Contest

Avalonia is Hosting Another Photo Contest!

As you head out to enjoy our properties this spring and summer, be sure to take some photos along the way and submit them to our second annual Photo Contest.

The contest is now open for submissions until August 31st. Participants can submit two photos in each of the following categories:


Be sure to look all around for wildlife when you hike our properties. Look up at the trees for birds, on the ground for salamanders, and on flowers for butterflies and dragonflies. They are all fair game for this category.


Be on the lookout for some of the many species of wildflowers on our properties, like the delicate Queen Anne’s Lace or the hearty coneflower. Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers…and then take a photo!


We have many beautiful views available on our properties to capture with your camera, from hilly overlooks to fast-flowing brooks. The only decision is which view to use for your photo.


How to Enter

From May 15th through August 31st, submit your photos to the 2023 Avalonia Photo Contest. There are 3 categories: Wildlife, Wildflowers, and Landscapes, and you may submit 2 photos in each category. Photos don’t have to be taken during that timeframe, but they must be taken at Avalonia properties. Please submit your entries below.

Submit Below

Submit your photo using the form below. Tell us about your photo and where you took it.

Go to Form


Share your entry on Instagram. Tell everyone about your photo and where you took it.

Use hashtag #2023AvaloniaPhotoContest and tag @avalonialandconservancy

Submit Your Photo

    2022 Submissions

    2022 Was All About Water

    One of our initiatives last year was to increase awareness of our region’s most valuable resource — water. Water is amazing. It takes on many forms: a vernal pool to a raging sea; an icicle to a foggy mist; clean drinking water to flooded streets. Avalonia’s preserves act as filters and buffers as flooding occurs during storms and sea levels rise. That’s why it’s never been more important to protect the land that you love. And that’s what we do!

    We received many great submissions in The 2022 Water Water Everywhere Photo Contest, thank you! We recognized three winners and an Honorable Mention in each of three categories:

    Best “Good Water” Photo

    Streams, ponds, wetlands, reservoirs, protective shoreline, waterfalls, vernal pools, estuaries, frogs, waterfowl, amphibians. The prettiest picture you ever took.

    Best “Bad Water” Photo

    Community flooding, crushing waves, damaged homes, breached storm walls, pollution, rising tides, eco damage, flooded rivers, drought! We’ve captured it all on our phones!

    Best “Avalonia Water” Photo

    Any brook, stream, river, pond, or body of water on an Avalonia property that buffers our shoreline, filters our water, and/or protects our wildlife. Take a hike and discover Avalonia!



    What You Could Win

    You could win an Avalonia gift basket with a t-shirt, cap, and a gift certificate worth as much as $100. One lucky winner’s photo will land the cover of the Fall 2022 Avalonia Trails newsletter!


    By submitting a photo, you agree that you own the rights to the image. You also agree to allow Avalonia image usage rights for the purpose of marketing and promoting Avalonia and its preserves in print and digital materials. Credit will be given.