Saporita River In Winter - Carl Tjerandson

Our Donors Make Conservation Possible

Avalonia Land Conservancy, Inc. expresses deep gratitude to our generous donors and the Edgerton family heirs for their significant contributions. The Edgerton family’s donation of 5.24 acres on Paint Mill Drive has allowed Avalonia to expand and integrate these lands into the Founder’s Preserve — a 93-acre parcel approved for transfer from the Town of Ledyard.

These acquisitions also include the Doolittle Preserve, a 48-acre white-cedar swamp parcel in Preston, traditionally used for camping by the Preston Boy Scout Troop, a practice that will continue. Notably, the Saporita and Pendleton tracts were purchased at market value and fill a critical gap within the Tri-town Ridgeline Forest Preserve in Griswold and Preston, constituting a former quarry.

Saporita Woods - Carl Tjerandson
Saporita Woods – Carl Tjerandson

Avalonia Board President Dennis S. Main underscores the significance of these additions: “These 71 acres represent some important greenway additions and a rare white cedar swamp conservation effort. We are thankful to donors who provided funding for the purchased tracts. We are also very grateful for the thoughtful donation by the Edgerton family heirs that ensures that their donated property remains as a natural site and wildlife habitat in perpetuity.”

With these recent additions, Avalonia has conserved a total of 381 acres in 2023. For further information about Avalonia, kindly contact Mary Anne Sherman via email at This marks a beautiful conclusion to the year, and we remain committed to our mission of conserving and protecting valuable natural spaces.


Cover image of the Saporita River in Winter taken by Carl Tjerandson