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Tefftweald at Birchenturn – North Stonington / property details / get directions / trail map

This lovely area used to be a Girl Scout camp and has pretty loop trails and a pavilion for shelter. There is history along the trails too: a very old cemetery, some root cellars, foundations, and old stone walls lined with very big trees.

above photo courtesy Rick Newton

Total Hike & Seek Targets: 6

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The old iron pump still stands where there was once a well for drawing water.  It makes a pretty picture in the woods.


There are many spots with rock ledges and places to look over valleys and woodlands. But one spot, in particular, is a very beautiful flat rock that is a perfect place to sit and overlook the brook.  Another great place for a photo.


A lea is a poetic name for a field or a meadow. The “Gromystonington” Girls Scouts dedicated this lovely area to Lilly. I wonder who she was, don’t you? The Gro means Groton, Mys means Mystic, and Stonington stands for…Stonington! See if you can find the plaque with the dedication and spend time looking at the grassy lea.


Off the main trail, on a path to the brook, up on a rock, you will find an aging bench. It is yet another mystery: Who was the poet? We may not know, but we can sit and imagine the lovely thoughts that poet may have had while sitting quietly on this bench by the brook. What are you thinking about here?