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Barrett Preserve – Ledyard / property details / get directions / trail map

This is a small preserve with a lot going on. See if you can figure it out!

Total Hike & Seek Targets: 5

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These are areas in the forest where openings have been created.  Can you see these? The openings allow sunlight to get down to the forest floor and let other bushes and low plants grow. Animals love this! Can you take a picture through an open area?


When the cutting was done, volunteers worked hard to pile up the trunks and branches to make brush piles with lots of hiding places for animals and birds. If you were a small animal and a big animal was chasing you, would you hide in a brush pile?


In this forest there is a kind of tree that grows the tallest of all here, and they go straight up into the sky. They are the tulip poplars. If you are lucky you might find a flower on the ground in the summer; it looks like a yellow and orange tulip. In the fall the seeds are enjoyed by all sorts of animals.


The Boy Scouts have been working here to create a trail, a bridge over the stream, and a place to Stop, Look and Listen. Take some time here to observe the brook. How much water is there? Listen. Does it make a sound? Maybe take a picture from this spot while you rest on the bench.