Avalonia Trail Finder Review: White Cedar Swamp & Deans Mill Preserve

There are not many parking options and there are two trails. The first, with dark blue trail head, ran along the Mystic Reservoir and was a lollipop loop. It was one mile in length with 105ft of elevation gain. The second trail, with a burnt orange trail head, is across Jerry Brown Road and to the Northwest. It was somewhat difficult to find: I only found it due to Explorer App. It is an Avalonia trail. Please take note that the Explorer App did not match the marked trail perfectly. It is composed of two intersecting loops, approximately 1.5 miles total, with a combined 108ft of elevation gain.

The dark blue and burnt orange trails were both packed earth, easy to hike, about two to three feet in width to very broad, pet friendly for dogs on a leash, and located in Stonington. It provides great opportunity for bird watching, with occasional small wildlife, several large rocks and stone walls. At no point did I see anyone else on either of these trails, other than people in their yards that were in close proximity to the trail.

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